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  • Loan servicing
  • Periodic invoicing
  • Payment processing
  • Member services
  • Early stage collections
  • VoiceLink marketing
  • Disaster recovery

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  • Independent oversight
  • Backup servicing
  • Securitization servicing
  • Document custody
  • High level summary
  • Drill down detail
  • Comprehensive funding services


  • Risk analysis
  • FICO trend
  • Default predictor correlation
  • Default analysis
  • Roll reporting
  • Static pool analysis
  • Total return analysis
  • Lifetime customer value by FICO


  • Outsourcing solutions
  • Newest technologies
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  • Customizable systems
  • Efficiencies through established vendors
  • Benefits of economies of scale
  • Historical & current trend analysis

Receivables Management

Equiant has over twenty five years of experience in all aspects of receivables servicing to build solid solutions focused on guiding your business for the long term. Our process includes first conducting a broad review of your business challenges, assessing the options that exist, and finally, combining the proper services, technology and experienced oversight to provide solutions. This approach allows us to deliver a higher quality solution, giving our clients a competitive advantage.

Loan Servicing

We service and report most types of loan amortization. Our system can process impounds such as Service Fees or Monthly Dues as part of the consumer’s loan payment.

Adjustable Rate Loans

Loans can be set to review at any monthly interval. Rate floors and ceilings are supported and can be customized at the loan level. Index spread is customizable at the loan level and supports automatic payment incentives.

Automatic Payment Incentives

Equiant helped pioneer automatic payment incentive programs. Equiant’s system automatically adjusts the customer’s interest rate and payment amount based on their payment method and incentive parameters.

Payment Processing

Our payment options include payment coupon, EFT/ACH, credit card, statements and notices with OCR remittance, and various Quick Collection options.

Lockbox Capabilities

Equiant ensures security and separation of client funds through a national retail lockbox. Equiant partners with major banks for US and Canadian currency processing. In the event of a lender funding, deposits for a specific loan portfolio can be re-directed dynamically to a new bank account.

Periodic Invoicing

Equiant provides fee account servicing with frequency options. We track and provide separate reporting on fees, dues and services relating to Maintenance, Membership, Legal, Collections, Association, and Taxes.

Customer Service & Collections

Our vision is to set precedence in customer service and collections by providing efficient customer service and skillful collections. Equiant associates receive in-depth training specific to our client’s business and are constantly developing in areas of collection methods and customer service communication. Our systems dynamically capture critical information required to communicate and fulfill customer inquires and concerns.

Customer Service

Through advanced personalized service we set the standard in customer service.

Equiant's Consumer Central website provides your customers 24/7 access to their account(s). From viewing statements and paying online to submitting questions via email, Consumer Central is user friendly and allows your customers the freedom to access their accounts on their own schedules.

With Equiant’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, customers have 24/7 access to account information in English and Spanish. Customers can order coupon books, payment histories and automatic payment authorizations via phone. Payments can be made with either EFT/ACH or credit card.

Equiant Customer Service specialists receive continuous training in professional communication. They have the knowledge and experience to handle calls efficiently, while providing exemplary call quality. You can depend on the same quality of service when they are responding to inquiries via email, fax, and mail. We are also proud to offer bilingual personnel.

Customer service is a complement to collections as they are able to advise of balances due and assist with payments. Customer service can also take promises to pay. Agents verifiy name, address and phone number on every call, keeping your critical contact information current.

All calls are noted in the system for later reference. Special "note type" codes can even be reported on to isolate specific customer concerns.

Account Collections

We understand that collections are more than simply controlling and reducing delinquency, it's preserving your customer relationships. Equiant associates are trained to look for the source of a problem, then offer options and creative solutions that return accounts to performing status.

We work with you to customize the collection parameters from range of days delinquent to payment options and scripted messaging. With these parameters in mind, we create a treatment strategy combining both dialer and manual collection campaigns to provide you with the best available fit for today’s fast paced consumer base.

Equiant's predictive dialer is optimized to call primary and secondary numbers, generate nightly reports and provide Time Zone alerts in federal compliance.

Through ongoing training our collectors are provided with the proper tools to achieve the most suitable arrangements for both our client and consumer. Each collector is trained in negotiating payments and making arrangements to keep your customers current.

We provide a wide selection of collection letters or you may provide your own customized letters to send. We will automate demand letters, notices of default, and notices of forfeiture or foreclosure.

All calls and account comments are recorded and tracked, allowing full documentation of each transaction, promise to pay and payment detail.

Document Custody

Equiant understands the importance of your critical documents and what they represent. Equiant has a skilled Document Custody staff committed to providing document check-in receipt and certification, monthly inventory and more, all enhanced with full reporting capabilities.

We are licensed in all states as required and maintain rigorous quality control programs that include continuous training, client feedback and providing an annual SAS70 report. Fully insured with error and omission coverage, we undergo internal and external audits including the state banking commission.

Documents are secured in Equiant's state-of-the-art document vault, engineered to 2-hour fire rating standard, with pre-charged fire suppression system and 24 /7 monitoring for fire or security breaches.

Equiant offers flow certification programs (issuance of trust receipts). We review collateral for eligibility under the applicable loan portfolio guidelines. Deficiencies are easily identified to prevent mistakes that could later prove costly.

Collateral can be tracked at the folder or document level. All required documents as well as the document folder are bar coded for easy tracking. Monthly inventory reconciliation services are available, as are collateral release services. Document audit and certification services can be provided.

Backup Servicing

Equiant provides extensive backup servicing. We organize programs under the common industry designations of “Cold”, “Warm”, and “Hot”.

A "Cold" program provides additional support and assurance that significant servicing resources are in place in case the primary servicing of the portfolio becomes a concern. No timetable for a servicing transfer is established because the default risk of the Primary Servicer is low.

As a "Warm" backup, Equiant’s objective is to provide a greater level of support and assurance that the portfolio’s assets are supported by additional servicing capacity. In a typical “Warm” backup situation, the Primary Servicer’s data is warehoused in such a way as to facilitate a servicing transfer should the risk of default of the Primary Servicer increase from low to moderate. Equiant can perform a complete servicing transfer in approximately 30-60 days from the receipt of notification.

The objective of Equiant’s "Hot" program is to establish a parallel-servicing platform mirroring the Primary Servicer’s. This mirror platform contains all account data, including transactions and on-line servicing history from origination. A "Hot” backup arrangement is typically used when the risk of Primary Servicer default is considered high/imminent. Equiant typically can assume all servicing duties and responsibilities of the Primary Servicer in 2-4 weeks from receiving notification.

Securitization Servicing

Equiant is an experienced securitization servicer, capable of generating detailed monthly servicer reports for investors and trustees.

We are fluent in coordinating with trustees, investors, rating agencies, investment bankers and issuers to make a successful securitization.

We have the ability to serve as the funding administrator and are experienced in the demanding process of weekly fundings. Our static pool reports are flexible, incorporating multiple parameters tailored to the specific needs of the rating agency or investment banker. The static pool report includes calculations for prepayment in full and partial prepayment, regional geographic analysis and detailed work reports. They are available in percentage and cumulative percentage formats.

Disaster Recovery

Equiant has over 1,200 sq ft of furnished office space equipped with work stations available for your disaster recovery needs.

  • Scalable needs, temporarily relocate from 5 to 40 members of your staff.
  • Scottsdale, AZ location free from most inclement weather conditions.
  • 20 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
  • Phoenix is consistently in Risk and Insurance magazine’s top 3 on their '10 Safest Cities' list.
  • In the heart of Scottsdale’s ample hotel and resort area.
  • Your in-house customer service and/or collections can continue uninterrupted.
  • Existing internet based reservation, new sale, or contract system accessible.
  • Equiant IT and operational staff are already familiar with the intricacies of your business, you realize faster business resumption.